Welcome to the Electronic Press Kit of singer Lo van Gorp (1973), who marvels the musical souls of the world with his stunning voice and heart-felt stage personality. No wonder everybody wants to work with him! He definitely has his ‘own thing’, from True Friends, DRI3MAN to the Royal Dutch Scam and Dawn Patrol. Check him out and be sure to claim your front-row seat!

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True Friends

Lo sings Sting

Dawn Patrol

Royal Dutch Scam (Steely Dan)

with Metropole Orchestra

About Lo (English)

At age 13, Lo decided to take up the saxophone. He spent his teens playing in numerous pop-, soul- and jazz-bands in his hometown Leiden, the Netherlands. After college, he was admitted to the conservatory of Hilversum and studied under Ferdinand Povel. 


Lo had the pleasure to work with the following artists:

Al Jarreau
Paul Carrack
Chaka Khan
Jacob Collier
Laura Mvula
Michael Kiwanuka
Vince Mendoza
Jules Buckley
Roger Hodgson
Raul Midon

Leon Ware
Oleta Adams
Riccardo Cocciante
Frank McComb
Billy Ocean
The Trammps
Kool &the Gang
En Vogue
Three degrees
Ladies of Soul

Candy Dulfer
Joss Stone
Madeline Bell
Hans Vermeulen
Anita Meijer
Lee Towers
Rob de Nijs
Danny Vera
Frank Boeijen
Ilse de Lange
…and many more.

GOING solo: True Friends

Lo’s solo album True Friends, which he produced with Patrick Drabe, was released by P-vine in Japan, on March 12, 2021. It was featured in ‘Light Mellow Searches’ by the famous Japanese music writer Toshikazu Kanazawa. The worldwide release took place on June 3, 2022.

True Friends is about truth in friendship, in music. For many years Lo and Patrick worked meticulously on this work of art. Calling their best (music) friends to the studio and craft every song together. The very best studio musicians of the Netherlands worked on this album, consisting of only originals written by Lo, Patrick and their dear “true friends”. A timeless musical journey through jazz, soul, pop and rock.

The first single Fisher King featured in Spotify’s New Music Friday Playlist and The right thing was featured on Dutch National Radio NPO 5.

Martin & Garp

During 2020’s Covid crisis, Lo recorded an album with producer Phil Martin and the duo Martin & Garp was born. Their album Sentimental Fools was released in January of 2021 and was well recieved in Japan, Germany and France. It’s a tribute to the late 70s, early 80s Softrock/Yachtrock era.


Right after Sentimental Fools was released, Phil Martin and Lo (Martin&&Garp) started a collaboration with the young and talented musicians Ruud van Halder, Rik van der Ouw and Baer Traa, resulting in an even more sophisticated tribute to Yaghtrock/AOR. Their album Bring on the good times was also released by P-vine Records in Japan in the spring of 2022. First single Bring on the good times was featured on Dutch National Radio NPO 5. Keep on believing featured in Spotify’s New Music Friday Playlist.

At age 13, Lo decided to take up the saxophone. He spent his teens playing in numerous pop-, soul- and jazz-bands in his hometown Leiden, the Netherlands. After college, he was admitted to the conservatory of Hilversum and studied under Ferdinand Povel. 


During his studies he formed the hiphop-jazz group All the King’s Men together with Reyn Ouwehand, Tom Beek, Martijn van Iterson, Robin Koerts, Jan van Duikeren, Raymond Scott, Evelyne Derks and Ad de Jong. After winning the 1994 Heineken crossover-award, the band recorded an album which sadly never saw the light of day. 

In 1995, Lo started touring the theatres with Hans Visser (Flairck) and branched out to singing. Soon he was invited to be a backing vocalist in Marco Borsato’s band (Holland’s biggest selling artist since the early 90s).

Mainly through his work as a backing vocalist, he steadily became one of the top session-musicians of the country, resulting in numerous (TV-) shows and recording sessions with the Metropole Orkest, the New Amsterdam Orchestra, Trijntje Oosterhuis and Oleta Adams.

The Princess Project

In 2008 Lo released his first album together with Simone Pormes and Karel Boehlee: The Princess Project. “Storybook” is a high-end album composed by Karel and Simone, featuring some of the best jazz musicians the Netherlands (and Belgium) had to offer at that time, i.e.: Peter Tiehuis, Hans van Oosterhout, Hein van de Geyn and the late Toots Thielemans.

Liquid Spirits & Leon Ware

Later that year, the album “Music” by Liquid Spirits was released. This group, led by Manuel Hugas and Wiboud Burkens had 4 lead singers, one of which was Lo. LS worked with soul-legend Leon Ware on the song “Melodies”. Subsequently, in 2010, Lo visited Leon in LA and they’d end up writing the song “In another Time” wich appears on his debut solo-album.

Steely Dan

In his early years, Lo’s ears were drawn to Donald Fagen’s The Nightfly. Its perfection and complexity, combined with catchy melodies and immense creativity keeps on inspiring him to this day. So It’s no surprise that he formed a band called The Royal Dutch Scam to honour and celebrate the music of Steely Dan. And he is now touring the theatres with this group of like-minded music friends.


Dri3man (sounds like Dream-on in English) is a group that focuses on playing mostly Westcoast music from the 70s and 80s, with an emphasis on singing in harmony. Lo’s colleagues and friends Ferry van Leeuwen and Nick Bult are both great singers and instrumentalists. Check out their many livestream performances! Dri3man’s first single “Embrace you”/“Omarmen” was released in both English and Dutch in February of 2021.